You might have noticed Account-Based Marketing (ABM) getting a lot of lip-service recently. ABM is a strategy that targets specific client accounts.

While this approach used to be the remit of large companies, figures released by SiriusDecisions show that 92% of B2B marketers surveyed saw its potential. In an age of personalization, it's not too surprising that companies of all shapes and sizes are seeing the benefit of adopting this method.

For a while now, LinkedIn has made it possible to target specific companies through advertising. It has now taken the next step by launching LinkedIn Account Targeting this month. This functionality will allow marketers to add a priority list of accounts for their sponsored campaigns. It sounds like a more efficient way of consistently targeting the same accounts across multiple campaigns.

The catch? This is currently only available to customers purchasing through a LinkedIn account representative, who typically work only with advertisers with projected annual spend of $100K or higher. However, LinkedIn does say it plans to release this feature to 'self-serve clients' in the feature.

In the meantime, SMEs can still do ABM on LinkedIn the old-fashioned way by manually targeting companies for each individual campaign. It's less flashy and has more restrictions (a maximum of 100 companies for one), but it still does the job.