Using the phrase Account Based Marketing ('ABM') is now commonly understood across all industries. Is everyone executing it well? Not really…that typically comes back to sales/ marketing alignment and time. 

Reading the article below regarding the vast quantities of 1-2-1 situational data the Tesla systems analyse to keep the users safe made me think that this application to ABM would probably change the landscape.

A number of technologies already exist to dynamically change the user experience based on users preferences or automate emails but where is the technology that informs a busy sales person what their targets are talking about, reading or even needing? Most technologies also seem to be ambiguous regarding the actual machine learning involved. 

I have written before about selling starting with listening (here) and you can very quickly build an intelligent picture of your prospects through collecting your own data via systems such as TweetDeck, LinkedIn Navigator and Google Alerts (if you have a large enough screen you can have a real time dashboard!). This takes a lot of resource and time, you have also lost the competitive edge by the time you decipher what they want (it would be a disaster for a Tesla too!). 

Given AI has the ability to consume and sift through various types of data with relevant information surely a platform is waiting to be designed that will do this with what a sales or business development person needs to know? Competitor insights, what prospects are reading, talking and writing about (including personal such as tweets about their favourite sport or cuisine).

In my opinion this will not only solve the key issues facing account based marketing but also allow it to scale whilst managing to nurture on a 1:1 basis. In my view the marketing tech to do this first will lead the pack.

*note that I am not an AI expert but looking forward to learning more!