Last Wednesday, Kingpin attended a smashing event in Cambridge. After an al fresco lunch in glorious weather, we settled in to watch our CEO James Foulkes deliver a presentation on how it's organisations that buy, not individuals. At the end of his talk, he asked a question: Is ABM a new tactic or just a buzzword?

The majority of the room answered that, of course, ABM is a buzzword. Focusing your sales and marketing efforts on only a finite list of best-fit targets is nothing new. No surprises there.

However, despite being the tactic du jour for what feels like forever, two of the more popular opinions shared were that ABM is “too expensive” and “too difficult".

It would seem that ABM is still a misunderstood beast. For the benefit of those who still see ABM as a tactic reserved for enterprises with big fat budgets, here are a couple of things to consider about ABM:

Personalisation doesn’t have to cost the earth – audit and re-purpose

A content audit may seem tedious but it’s a great way to get your existing assets working harder. Create buyer personas that best match your target audience and then map your content according to their needs. A fact-heavy white paper can very easily be turned into a few light-touch blogs or an infographic, depending on where your gaps are. This will help make sure you're getting the right information into the right hands.

If you’re unsure where to start, download this simple guide to help kick off your content audit – download here .

Use the tools you’ve got

Outbound content marketing programmes, email, lead nurturing, social media and website visitor tracking. All of these automation platforms let you create and repeat processes. They don’t need to be complex and there’s no harm in starting off small, learning and optimising before going big.