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The Number 1 Tip to Make Sure your Account Based Marketing Strategy is a Success

I was talking to the Managing Director at a 3K person Plc. yesterday.  He had the same old problem as pretty much every B2B organisation has in that he found it very difficult for him and his team to write regular thought leadership content amongst their busy day jobs. (We’re going to give them a wee hand with that!!)

We then started to talk about Account Based Marketing (ABM).  ABM is the ability to target a very specific group of people* (e.g. your key clients and prospects) in a 1-2-1, very personalised way.  I suggested to this MD that they probably only want to talk to around 200 people.  He corrected me and said “five”.  Five!  That’s it.  He just wants to target 5 individuals at 5 different organisations.  I said that this is great news for a B2B organisation.

It’s great news because it means that when they create their expert-led insights, they can share those insights incredibly easily with the people in the world they care about i.e. just those 5 people.  It also means they can create highly personalised insights with one of those 5 people in mind when they write their insights.  This really helps when writing insights; to have in mind that person or people you want to read your insight.  You for example (yes you!) are exactly the person I had in mind when I wrote this article.

So here's the tip – write down the names of those 5 (or 50 or whatever that number is) people you really want to talk to and then always have them in mind when you write your next piece of content.  If you do that and then support it with a couple of other simple and very actionable Account Based Marketing tactics, (email connor@passle.netand I'll send you a list of those) you can start to get yourself noticed and in front of those key targets.  You can begin to influence them, provide them with information (your expertise) that is beneficial and useful to them and start to position yourself as the “go-to” expert in your field.

Once you start doing that, then very quickly the new business and revenue will follow.

*I specifically mention people and not organisations.  This follows on from a conversation I had yesterday with my colleague and Passle co-founder Adam Elgar.  He stressed the point that this 1-2-1 targeting should not be machine driven.  For it to be truly personalised it has to be person to person.  As soon as someone knows it is machine driven, they will switch off.

A core tenet of account based marketing is to personalize communications to an account based on their current initiatives and challenges.


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