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The Pinnacle of Account Based Marketing = Expert-to-Expert Marketing #E2E

A good 3 minute read below from Forbes if you get a chance and want to understand more about the advantages of Account Based Marketing (ABM) as seen by members of the Forbes Agency Council.

I was particularly interested in No. 10 by Preethy Vaidyanathan of Tapad.  She talks about how focussed ABM gives a greater opportunity for you to be seen as an expert.  

I work with experts every day showing them how to do just that.  Indeed, this morning, I was meeting with the marketing director of a specialised sector within a global law firm, who was saying that every day, he is trying to drum this into his Partners' heads.  Telling them to stop trying to be an expert at everything.  He said "You can be good at everything but you cannot be an expert at everything".

Once you have decided who you want to talk to, influence or do business with and I do not mean which companies, I mean the actual names of the individuals within those companies, then you can write very targeted, expert-led insights because you know who you are talking to - you can picture them in your head.

My colleague Tom Elgar does a great job of describing this in the diagram below:

We call this Expert-to-Expert Marketing.   #E2E

Greater Opportunity To Be The Expert: ABM challenges you to think on a more personalized level and get to know your audience, rather than have a broad understanding of a market. By familiarizing yourself with a set audience and their intent, as well as conversion behaviors, you’re building an expertise that may not have existed otherwise.


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