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Michael Avis (Oracle) + Tom Elgar (Passle) are Very Closely Aligned

Michael Avis is on stage as I type at the B2B Conference "Account Based Everything" and talking us through the Oracle journey into ABM starting 6 years ago in very much a start up environment.

He has given the audience lots and lots of insights into what Oracle have done and learnt over those 6 years and showed the Oracle ABM model:

The most exciting part of all of this is around the "Engagement" part.  The final stage of the Oracle ABM model.  Michael wants the very clever, interesting and engaging people throughout Oracle to be talking to and engaging with the CMOs at their target organisations.  He said:

"We want the experts at our company talking to the experts at our client organisations."

We have a pharse for that at Passle - we call it Expert-to-Expert Marketing or #E2E for short.

My long term colleague Tom Elgar is talking about Expert-to-Expert Marketing later today and an insight to how we used it at our previous company long before the phrase ABM had been coined.  It's great to know that what we are building is so closely aligned to an organisation like Oracle.

One final insight from Michael was that you should never assume that all the best ideas are in your organisation - go out and see what other companies are doing and how their ideas could work for you.

How to get your Subject-Matter Experts at the heart of Account-Based Marketing


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