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One-to-One Marketing - The Future of B2B

The B2B Marketing event "Account Based Eveything" has just kicked off in London this morning.  One of the first slides of the day was the one below quoting Andrea Clatworthy of Fujitsu.

What is really interesting about what Andrea  said is how she is particularly excited about 1-2-1 Marketing.  This is a topic which is of great interest to me and a core thing we talk about at Passle.

About 8 years ago, at our last company we built the software that allowed bank customers to put pictures of their dogs and babies on their debit or credit card!  Interestingly, there were only really 200 people in the world we could really sell to - i.e. the CEO, CMO, Head of Debit Cards and Head of Credit Cards at the top 50 global retail banks.  So we went very much 1-2-1.  What we did was print a giant sized credit card with an image of the person we were targeting on it and their bank's branding.  We then wrapped it in brown paper, hand wrote their name and address on it and FedExed it to their office.  It worked brilliantly and we got meetings with over 60% of the banks we sent them to.  Here is my colleague Tom Elgar holding up the one we did for him:

When we sold that company to Gemalto in 2012 we set about working out how to solve 1-2-1 marketing for other companies (who could not just print a giant sized credit card!!) and launched Passle.  Passle makes it much easier for the busy experts in your organisation to create, regular, timely, expert-led insights.  Something that all organisations struggle with.

The most powerful part of Passle for our clients is a tool called "ISTATOY" (I saw this and thought of you).  It allows you to share your (or your colleague's) insight directly with the key client or prospect and tracks when they engage with it.  This can help establish you as the trusted go-to expert in your field, nurture you prospects and shorten the sales cycle.  All of a sudden, 3,000 website visits and 1,000 social shares are not as exciting as 3 clicks - as long as they are clicks of engagement by your 3 most important prospects!

Andrea is speaking at the event later on today and I'm hugely excited to see what she and her team are doing at Fujitsu around 1-2-1 marketing or as we call it at Passle "Expert-to-Expert" marketing.


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